My puppies will be ready to go in May.  I have two puppies still available.
For more information about colors and genders available,
please e-mail me at:

Prices are $2,800 to $3,000 for standard colors.  

Unique/rare colors such as blues, blue fawns, blue merles, and red merles
are more expensive
Showing some great qualities at just 2 weeks old
in these photos.  
"Do you think
she can see
us down here?"
"No, just stay low
and keep your
ears down.  Those
other two fools are
prairie doggin'.  
Just in time for prom pictures

My friend Alicia has one male puppy still available.  She used
my male for stud.  This puppy (Monte) is absolutely
ADORABLE in person!!  He has such a beautiful blonde coat
and dark black mask.  He is really striking!!  He reminds me so
much of Andre!!  And he has a great personality.  Alicia has
two children, so her puppies are very well socialized and loved
on every day.  They are raised in her house, and definitely
have a great start.  Monte will be 8 weeks old o
n Thursday,
May 16
, so he will be ready to go this coming weekend.  If you
are possibly interested in Monte, please e-mail me and I will
put you in direct contact with Alicia and she can send you
more pictures and information.

NOTE:  Her kids thought he needed a fancy collar
for this photo shoot.  LOL!    
This blue merle female is
so gorgeous in person!  
I am so thankful that summer
weather has finally arrived so
these little babes can play
outside and enjoy green grass
and sunshine.  
Our cat, Mogley, is not
as thrilled about it.  Ha!!